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Pennsylvania’s constitution enshrines a right for all people to enjoy clean air, pure water, and access to the Commonwealth’s natural resources.

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Legal & Policy 

Our team of attorneys defend our environmental rights and protect Pennsylvania’s environment by holding polluters, regulators and policymakers to account. We offer a voice to organizations, communities and individuals, providing legal assistance to those impacted by environmental degradation and injustice. We respond to matters impacting our environment and engage in federal, state and local policy and regulatory processes. Our legal and policy staff are experts in the Commonwealth on environmental, climate and clean energy issues.

Contact: Abby Jones


Legislative Affairs

Our team of advocates help craft and advance legislation that improves environmental quality and supports environmental justice communities all across the state. We track federal and state legislation, monitoring relevant reforms the good, the bad and the ugly while shining light on attempts to roll back essential protections. We lobby for legislation that protects our environment, our communities and our environmental rights by uniting our volunteers, stakeholders and coalitions. 

Contact: Ezra Thrush



Our campaigns team builds and leads coalitions, elevates issues of concern, and educates the public and elected officials on issues that impact our environment. We listen to the needs of our partners and stakeholders, and we amplify the opinions of leading scientists. We bring this feedback to the attention of policymakers, advocating for stronger environmental protections and a more robust and just transition to a carbon-neutral economy.

Contact: Matt Stepp


Civic Engagement

Our democracy and civic engagement teams build our connections to local communities. We listen to local communities about their environmental concerns and educate them about our on-going campaigns. We encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote, and we fight any barriers that complicate the democratic process. Our goal is to understand and elevate local environmental concerns to decision-makers, to engage community members in the fight through our ACE program, and to ensure broader access to the democratic process for all Pennsylvanians. 

Contacts: Emily Gale, Jess Cadorette

Where We Work

PennFuture touches every region of Pennsylvania. Click the map below to find out who you can get in touch with in your region to advocate for change.

PennFuture in Pennsylvania

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200 First Avenue, Suite 200
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P: 412.456.2780
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